Current Rescues

Occasionally we recieve requests to take in minis or ponies that are about to be pulled from kill pens by kind people that have  the sole purpose of wanting to  get these minis or ponies  to a safe haven where they will have a chance to be adopted into a better fate . 

We oblige whenever possible , how could we not 

Please visit our MORE INFO page ~ under RESCUED FROM WHAT to learn more about the term Kill Pen


Cinnamon was pulled by another rescue group with a home offer unfortunately her it fell through and little Cinnamon was stuck in quarentine waiting for a potential home. Three months passed and no one wanted her so we brought her here. 

She is very afraid of human touch and is very spooky, we hope in time, with a lot of love and patience she will be able to overcome these obstacles and be placed in her forever home.


Roscoe came to us with little Teddy and were both auction saves a few years back. Teddy was friendly and adopted out, but Roscoe still awaits his forever home due being so timid and taking a little longer to come around and trust people.

He is currently being fostered by our good friends at Alliance Equestrian Center. We pray he continues to let us teach him love and kindness.

Buddy and Beau


He lived with a herd before arriving at Mills River Rescue. At 22 years young, he is a very friendly and sweet gelding who enjoys attention. Did we mention he is also terrific with children?


Also at a young age of 22, Beau was unable to receive the care he needed and talk of putting him down prior to coming Mills River Rescue.

When we met this guy we just couldn't say no and soon he was making himself at home and getting to know the others here. Although he has required a lot of work, it has all been worth. Beau is on a daily medication and supplements and has seen a chiropractor. He has more good days than bad and the treatments have been very positive. Beau is a gentleman and healthy however non-rideable.


Buddy and Beau are a bonded pair and a package deal.


This is Grace and she is about 8 or 9 years old and was saved from auction, sadly her forever home fell through. We stepped up, took care of any outstanding expenses and brought  her and her best buddy Harvey to the rescue on May 14, 2019, recently Harvey said goodbye and found a new place to call home, now Grace hopes to find her own forever home too.

She needs vet care and nutrition. Recently Grace had her feet done, she looks like a rock star now!

She need some handling and loving care.

Please follow her journey on our Facebook page.

Happy World Donkey Day from Marilyn _mil

Marilyn is our newest rescue  and our first donkey ! 

She is very sweet, about 12 years old, and would love to find a home with a donkey  buddy to be with. 

MAY 2018 ~ so happy to announce that Marilyn  has now been sanctuary sponsored here at Mills River Rescue  .and she is loving it. 

Special Thanks to her sanctuary angel !


Gorgeous Jolie came to us with acute laminitis and we have been working diligently with our vet getting her back to being comfortable and happy . In the several months we have had her she has made great improvements  and is doing well.

Jolie is not yet available for adoption as we want her to rest here a while longer but she is happy and doing so much better .

A special thank you to her sanctuary angel!

If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues please contact us , we would love to hear from you .

Please check our contact page .

We will email you an Adoption Application  and set up a time for you to visit the rescues.

Mills River Rescue has adoption terms and conditions that include a mandatory adoption fee, a trial period,  a "no breeding" clause,  a no slaughter or auction agreement, and standards of care expected for the rescues.  We also reserve the right to check on the rescues from time to time and want to keep in touch .

You are welcome to review our adoption contract before finalizing your decision to adopt from Mills River Rescue.

Please note that actions of animals can be unpredictable and the horse’s behavior may change after it leaves Mills River Rescue premises.  Statements made by Mills River Rescue regarding the horse are merely our observed  opinions and are made or given solely as a courtesy to those considering adopting an animal, and in no way amount to claims, representations, or warranties as to the temperament, health, or mental disposition of the horse or the suitability or safety of the horse for the adopter’s intended purposes. 

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