Where are rescues from?

We believe it is important for people to understand how horses and ponies end up needing help.  Sometimes people simply can no longer afford or take care of their horses, in which case we can help find new homes for them. Other times horses are saved from dangerous situations such as abuse. Many horses, however, are rescued from being shipped to slaughterhouses.

Horse slaughter is a very controversial and complex subject, but the central problem is there are not enough homes for the amount of horses out there that need them. Overbreeding and “backyard breeding” are contributing to the overpopulation of horses. Purchasing a horse is a huge commitment that many people don’t realize until they own one, which often results in these horses going to auction. Racehorses or other performance horses that do not perform well enough often find themselves at auction. Horses that have chronic health issues or older horses that cannot be “used” anymore are commonly sent to auction.

Another large problem is the overpopulation of wild mustangs in the western United States. The land simply cannot support the amount of animals that graze on it, so the Bureau of Land Management rounds up herds and removes animals from the land. These mustangs are adoptable, however too many do not find homes. Even ones that are adopted out are likely to end up at an auction because they can be difficult to train.
Horses that end up at auction are at high risk of being purchased by a “kill buyer”. Kill buyers specifically buy cheap horses to take to slaughter, where they are paid by the pound. Horse slaughter in the US is currently illegal, so kill buyers ship these horses to Canada or Mexico to make their money.

Spice, pictured above, is an example of a wild mustang we had here that was  taken off the range by the  U.S, Bureau of .Land Management   and adopted out.  The brand on his neck is an identification number.

Albert, on our Success Stories page, and Leo one of our ponies are also  examples of rescues saved from kill pens .

Currently Daisy May will be coming to us  soon .


Kill pens are lots where meat  buyers  have bought horses cheaply  that no one else wanted . Kill buyers, purchase  horses for meat, occasionally they will allow them to be bailed out if they are offered slightly more than what they would make on them for meat  .  


Occasionally we recieve requests to take in minis or ponies that are about to be pulled from kill pens by kind people that just have  the sole purpose of  getting  them to a safe haven where they will have a chance to be adopted into a better fate . 


While  smaller equines  in kill pens usually do not go directly  on  slaughter house trucks with the large horses , they do often meet with unscrupulous ends for a variety of meat related  purposes  . It is a sad day for any horse that has found itself   in a kill pen ... unless some kind soul finds them and manages to change their fate before it is too late .